From Castles to Conferences: Exploring Nuremberg's Rich History and Siemens SPS Innovation Hub

Nuremberg, a city steeped in history, stands at the crossroads of medieval charm and cutting-edge innovation. In this unique journey, we embark on a three-day exploration, seamlessly blending the rich historical tapestry of Nuremberg with the technological marvels showcased at the Siemens SPS Conference.

We are greeted in the morning by Stephen Murray and Kevin Finan, our Siemens hosts, with smiles as we venture to the Siemens GWE Erlangen Factory. The day begins with an introduction to the technological marvel that drives Siemens innovation. The anticipation builds as we delve into an overview of the upcoming factory tour.

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The afternoon unfolds with a guided tour through Siemens' intricate manufacturing processes. We gain insights into Siemens GWE's pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of innovation. Exampled by the automated robots that move seamlessly throughout the facility replenishing stock to machines as required. Lunch at the Siemens GWE Campus offers a taste of traditional German cuisine, accompanied by a refreshing local beer, setting the tone for a genuine cultural experience.

As the day concludes, we reflect on the discoveries made within the Siemens GWE Erlangen Factory. The evening takes a historical twist at Tucher Mautkeller Beer House, where we savour both traditional German dishes and the modern ambiance of a historic venue and are regaled with the adventures of Andrew Blazey, Siemens Director of Process Automation.

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On day two we arrive at the Siemens SPS Fair Grounds, immersing ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of innovation and marveling at the 400,000ft2 fairgrounds and 1200 exhibits. KJ Controls continues its exploration with Siemens-themed guided tours, offering a hands-on experience of technology shaping the future, followed by the exploration of exhibition booths, networking opportunities, and a firsthand look at Siemens innovations.

As the day transitions into the evening, KJ Controls connects further with the Siemens Canadian Delegation, fostering relationships that extend beyond professional settings. The night culminates in a delightful dinner at Il Rossini, where conference attendees share stories and experiences in a relaxed atmosphere and savouring the best Italian food found unexpectedly in Germany.

The morning light of day three guides us through a guided tour of Nuremberg Castle. With each step, we unravel the historical background and marvel at the highlights within the castle walls. The tour continues with a visit to Albrecht Dürer's House, where we delve into the significance of the artist's abode and explore the artifacts and exhibits on display.

The afternoon invites a leisurely stroll through Nuremberg's historical district, where every cobblestone tells a story. Landmarks and museums beckon, inviting us to absorb the city's rich heritage. Concluding the afternoon with some souvenir shopping; Steins, Chocolate, and famous German Christmas Ornaments.

As the sun sets on our three-day journey, we gather for a farewell dinner at Das Paul surrounded by the echoes of Siemens innovation and Nuremberg's history, we reflect on the unique blend of experiences from castles to conferences. This whirlwind journey through Nuremberg's past and present, from Siemens factories to the heart of the SPS Conference, leaves an indelible mark. The seamless integration of history and innovation, exemplified by KJ Controls' visit, serves as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of tradition and progress in Nuremberg.

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