These boots were made for much more than walkin'

As an electrician, I often find myself working in uncomfortable places. The most recurring is a few inches off the floor in industrial control panels. Our boots are a critical piece of PPE; they protect our feet from falling items and stubbed toes, keeping our feet dry and safe from the elements, and act as electrical insulators (if the Ω Symbol is present).

If you are an industry worker and this small but important detail is missing from your boots, throw them out. While troubleshooting, even in a terrible place (like 3 inches off the ground), it is essential to keep your feet firmly planted on the floor to insulate yourself; Get those squats in, feel the burn, and stay safe. Another important note is that this protection deteriorates with wear and when wet. Beware of water in the area you're working in, and if you're still wearing your dad's old boots for that retro chic look, it's time to shelf them. There's nothing fashionable about being dead. On that happy note, I hope you all have a safe and productive day.